Open data

At Spar Nord we love innovation and we love data - lots of it! It helps us build better products for our customers! That’s why we are releasing an open dataset for you to play with and create your own awesome data analysis projects. We have a lot of smart people working at Spar Nord, but we also realize that we might not have ALL the smart people working with us and therefore we want to invite all you creative talented people out there to work your magic on our open data and who knows, maybe you see some angles or spot some trends that we don’t!

So we strongly encourage you to share your projects with us - whether it is a fancy machine learning model, a cool visualisation or a funny correlation - we would love to see what you come up with! Please let us know if you have any suggestions to future datasets we should consider opening. The first dataset we are releasing contains all the withdrawals made in Spar Nord ATMs in 2017. The dataset contains information about the location of the ATM, manufacturer, currency, cardtype, weather conditions, etc. See our data dictionary for a complete overview of the variables or join the discussion in our slack channel. Hit us with your projects and comments at


Help shape our community

Do you have a question for us regarding the dataset? Or open banking in general? Join our slack channel and participate in the discussion!